Easy(Eight) Does it!

Chicagoland! we’re hosting a pizza party in conjunction with Brickworld! if you’re in the area add this to your calendar and come meet some of our designers. Meanwhile on Brickmania.com were preordering the M4A3E8 Sherman – American Medium Tank and have the new M3 3″ – Anti-Aircraft Gun with USMC Crew ready for action. We’re also releasing an amazing new minifig, the Israeli Soldier (Six Day War) is ready for action, and ships with a Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® NATO Battle Rifle. speaking of shipping, quite a few kits heading out the door this week, our TBD Devastator, SU-100 – Soviet SPG in Egyptian Service and the T-64BV Mod 2017 with Tanker – 1/72 Scale all available to ship out to you within a few days! Have a great weekend!

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