Dive Bomber Bonanza

The speedy and dangerous SBD Dauntless – American Dive Bomber is available for preorder now on Brickmania.com! Along with our new T-34/76 Model 1941 – Soviet Medium Tank these preorders are gonna go fast! we’re also releasing a Imperial Japanese Army Rifleman with Perfect Caliber BrickArms Arisaka. That’s not all, were also shipping the DUKW – Amphibious Truck and have plenty of amazing kits, minifigs, and swag available for our Project Ukraine benefit, Brickmaniacs have raised over $150,000 so far for the people of Ukraine. Keep up the good work and have a great weekend!

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One thought on “Dive Bomber Bonanza

  1. Does this mean you’ll be releasing the older version Dauntless as digital instructions soon? Here’s hoping. While you’re at it, pretty please release Nakajima Kate and – if it’s not too much to ask for – Mi 24/35 Hind as digital instructions available for purchase too!

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