Ukraine Benefit Update and Drop Day Preview!

The Ukrainian International Legion minifig has arrived! The Brickmania Ukraine Benefit has raised over $197,000 to date! Join us in our continued support!

Plus, starting this Friday (10/14/2022) the week’s featured preorder will be 15% off with code: DROPDAY at checkout from 8:00 AM CDT until 11:59 PM CDT on Friday ONLY. You’ll also receive an exclusive Brickmania Drop Day sticker sheet FREE with your order of the featured drop item on Fridays.

Drop Day discounts are only available for the first Friday of a new preorder and the code will only apply to that week’s featured preorder. Meaning if this week’s feature is a new M4 Sherman, you cannot use that code for 15% off last week’s Panzer, etc.

Stay tuned for an official announcement this afternoon!

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