Brickmania Elite is BACK for 2023!

Brickmania Elite is BACK for 2023! Elite memberships grant a 5% discount across the board along with access to our exclusive free shipping offer! Elite members receive a physical card to use for discounts in retail locations and are added to an exclusive member-only elite category on the BKM web store.

Join the ranks of the Brickmania Elite with this exclusive membership! Elite members gain benefits online, in retail locations, and at events through the end of 2022 and all through 2023.

Please allow 1-3 business days for membership activation online.

Elite member benefits include:

  • 5% discount online, in retail locations, and at events through the end of 2023.
  • Free shipping on orders of $100 and more domestically or $500 and more internationally through 2023.
  • Exclusive membership card to present at retail and event locations.
  • The Elite membership 5% discount stack with all automatic and coupon code promotions both in stores and online.

Membership cards will be shipped within one week of registering. If registering in retail stores, please allow 5 business days for web store activation. Membership card and ID must be shown to receive the discount at events and retail locations. Membership is non-transferable. Elite discounts do not apply to Brickmania resellers. Brickmania respects your privacy and will not sell your information to anyone else.

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