Drop Day Specials! M1078 LMTV, M3 75mm GMC, D-Day Squad Pack Part 3, and Much More!

Time for another epic Friday with new DROPDAY specials! Get the new M1078 LMTV, M3 75mm Halftrack, D-Day Squad Pack Part 3, NZ Modern Rifleman, and more now at brickmania.com! Tune into the SitRep for a rundown of this week’s DROPDAY specials!

Be one of the first 50 to preorder the M3 75mm GMC Halftrack and your first optional Tank Destroyer Crewman is FREE! Note, you must still add the crewman on to your order. There will be a dropdown on the product page just like we’ve done before. You can order up to 3x minifigs, the first of which will be free for the first 50 kits.

Plus, when you preorder the M1078 LMTV Truck this weekend you’ll get a FREE canvas cover upgrade while supplies last! The upgrade pack will be automatically added to your cart when you place your preorder. These specials will take the place of our normal DROPDAY promos.

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