New Releases for August 11, 2023


Sikorsky® MH-60L Black Hawk® – Super Six Four (Pre-Order)

Sikorsky® MH-60L Black Hawk® – Super Six Four (Pre-Order)

Optional Delta Force Pair add-on can be preordered now to guarantee it arrives with the first batch. Deltas will be offered separately at a later date. And don’t forget your Universal Aircraft Stand!

Jûlkat - Danish Reconnaissance Vehicle (Pre-Order)

Jûlkat – Danish Reconnaissance Vehicle. This is a Limited Edition kit and will not restock after the initial batch is sold out.


WWII Panzer Commander - Brickmania Classic Series

In stock now and ready to ship today!  You can also order just the torso…

WWII Panzer Commander Torso - Brickmania Classic Series

Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® DC-15

Flag - Washington DC

Stock level at 100% BrickJournal: Issue #81


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