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Many people have lamented the fact they missed out on one or more of our recent Limited Edition Series kits. Well, here’s your opportunity to get a possible second chance!  We’re starting off with the re-issue of one of our recent modern military kits and you will help us decide which one it will be.  Voting starts today and ends at noon (CDT) August, 26th. The winning kit will be revealed at the time of poll closing. Note that if a kit wins that had optional add-ons or upgrades, those same upgrades will be available with the reissue. Presales for the winning kit will begin September 11, 2023.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which Limited Edition Series kit did you miss out on and would like to see brought back? Results will be displayed after the poll closes at noon on Saturday, August 26th.
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Brickmania's Modern Limited Edition Series Kit Re-Issue Poll

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