Bell® UH-1B Huey® Gunship and Other New Releases for October 6, 2023

Bell® UH-1B Huey® Gunship - Black Ops Edition

From this distant jungles of SE Asia we bring you the latest iteration of the venerable Huey Gunship. This time our AirCav unit is comes armed to brawl with a chin-mounted automatic 40mm grenade launcher, FFA missiles and miniguns on the side sponsons, plus M60Ds for the door gunners.

Bell® UH-1B Huey® Gunship - Black Ops Edition
This bird flies with a crack commando unit that only a fool would mess with.
We further cannot confirm or deny there will be very special additional minifig pack to accompany this chopper on release day. Don’t believe the rumors… Even if they’re true.

These new items are ready to ship immediately:

US Army Ranger Grenadier - Battle of Mogadishu
Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M16A2
Fast Helmet with Binocular Night Vision Goggles - Down

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