Panzerkampfwagen V “Panther” Tank

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther

Panther Ausf G (version 3) – 2013

Panzer V

A total rebuild with a much lower profile. Still has room inside for two crew members, engine compartment, etc.

Panther Ausf G (version 2) – 2011

PzKfw V Ausf G Panther (Tan)

A rebuild of the 2010 Ausf A kit into the Ausf G configuration, with models available in tan and light gray.

Panther Ausf A – 2010

Panther Ausf A

The first major rebuild of the original Panther features a narrower hull and extra track links hung from the hull sides.

Panther Ausf G (version 1.5) – 2008

Panther Ausf G (Tan)

Brickmania re-released a few of the original Panther kits in tan color in 2008 on a per-request basis.

Panther Ausf G (version 1) – 2002

PzKfw V Ausf G Panther Tank

The original Brickmania Panther kit from 2002.  Only a few of these kits were sold before Brickmania went on hiatus in 2003.

4 thoughts on “Panzerkampfwagen V “Panther” Tank

    • Batches of Panthers are still happening. The parts are hard to find, so it is not a kit we are able to keep in stock 100% of the time.

      • Thanks for the reply Dan. If you dont mind my asking, will we be seeing any of these kits in the near future?

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