World War Brick

World War Brick 2013

Click image (above) for information on Brickworld 2013.

World War Brick 2012 Crew

Brickmania 2012 Crew: L-R: Keith, Julie, John, Will, Dan, Brian, Dean, Dennis, Ross & Bill

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      By the way, there are more appropriate places to ask questions like this. How about here:

  1. Can their ever be one in SLC UT. If you got all the Mormons to come you would sell everything you had. Will their ever be one in Dallas Texas?

  2. shouldve been in New York. more populated, hence more visits, hence more donations, hence more participants. u guys made a dumb choice, having this in illinoise. who even lives there anyway? ppl only visit.

  3. Do you know if there’ll be WWII minifigs for sale in bulk? What stinks is that I have a perfect US Army soldier(WWII) design, but I can’t find the primary parts for more on the web. 🙁 Maybe I could find better guys at the show.

    • Last year I went to a Brickworld festival. The line was over an hour for BrickArms, people were trying to cut in line, and there was little space. I’m looking forward to the World War Brick show and have high hopes for it! Be sure to watch for the brand-new BrickArms line of weapons!

      By the way, we went to a LEGO store after last year’s show, and all of the LEGO employees were all bummed because there was barely a line for LEGO products at the show, while everyone wanted BrickArms.:):):)

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    • I’m sorry, we’re not going to have space for visitors to display MOCS nor do we want to give opportunity for thieves to strike.

    • Yes, this is not only a big military MOC display, but BrickArms, Brickmania & GI Brick will all have stuff for sale.

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