Video: Brickmania TV Episode 7

On today’s episode of Brickmania TV…

• Shout Outs!
The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin
Available from No Starch Press and at the Brickmania Mall of America Store.

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Phly Daily

• A brief review of new releases:
1. Type 97 Chi-Ha with Free Imperial Japanese Army Trooper (Till October 11th or while supplies last)

2. Russian Paratrooper Water Slide Decals

3. Limited Megaton 101st Airborne Minifigure

4. FaBiOX available in 4×4 and 6×6 stud

• Some history about the IS-2 Russian Heavy Tank

• This week’s coupons and deals at
1. BOGO Decal Packs – Modern Zombie Battle Theme

2. BrickArms Bulk Discounts– Modern Zombie Removal Tools

• Outtakes – Squirrel!
• Coupons

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They’re Here! BrickArms’ New Plate Carrier Vests!


Four New Styles! Five New Colors!  Choose from Specialist, Operator, Signal and Commando.

Your modern minifigures will be ready for any combat situation in any environment decked out in the Latest BrickArms Plate Carrier Vests.

Back for a Limited Time: Megaton 101st Airborne Soldier

Megaton 101st Airborne with M1 Carbine Para V.2US-Paratrooper-Brown-M1-Carbine-ACTION-560

Order Here

Brickmania Custom Printed American 101st Airborne with M1 Carbine Para V.2  including Brickmania Custom Netted Helmet.

Features of this product:

  • 1 Exclusive Custom Printed American 101st Airborne Minifigure from Brickmania
  • 1 Custom Brickmania OD Green M1 Netted Helmet
  • 1 BrickArms M1 Carbine Para V.2



Bulk BrickArms Deals: Modern Zombie Removal Tools


Order Here

Brickmania has four bulk BrickArms deals for you this week.  We picked four of our favorite accessories for the Modern Combat Soldier fighting Zombies.

Buy 10 – 19 get 10% off.  Buy 20 or more get 20% off.

Modern Combat Helmet


Combat Shotgun

AK Assault Rifle

Don’t miss out on these savings.  This Week Only!

BOGO Decal Sale of the Week: Modern Zombie Apocalypse


Order Here

We have chosen Four Modern and One Zombie Decal Packs for sale this week.

Choose one, two, three, four or all five of our Decal Packs.  When you buy one of these packs you will receive a second of the same pack for FREE.  Get your Zombie Apocalypse decals this week because next week we swap out the deals.  Pair this up with our Bulk BrickArms Deals and outfit your army and save money.

FaBiox are now at Brickmania!


Order Here

FaBiOX are made of transparent, impact-proof plastic and are equipped with round studs on which you can place your figures making them bound and stable even in case of transportation. The key feature that differentiates FABiOX from any other classical and anonymous plastic box, is the possibility to incorporate them into your LEGO creations: FABiOX are 6 bricks tall, 4 x 4 studs based or are 8 bricks tall, 6 x 6 studs based and are easily stackable and combinable.


6×6 Stud FaBiOX (4 Pack)


4×4 Stud FaBiOX (8 Pack)

New Release: World War II Mackinaw Coat – Water-Slide Decals


Order Here
High quality Mackinaw Coat water-slide decals produced under licence from Roaglaan’s Customs.

US Occupation of Iceland

On July 8, 1941, US Marines of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade landed on Iceland to relieve a British occupation force and prevented the use of Iceland as a German U-boat base. The Marines were issued Makinaw Coats against the Icelandic weather. Notice that American military did not adopt the M1 “Steel Pot” helmet until 1942 and Marines were issued the Springfield M1903 late into World War II.

WWII Mackinaw Coat 

“The “Coat, Mackinaw, OD”, also called the “Jeep Coat” was first issued in 1938 (called the “first pattern”). The Mackinaw had a water resistant cotton duck outer shell with a wool blanked lining. The distinguishing feature of the first pattern mackinaw was that the 30 oz. blanket lining extended visibily over the shawl collar. The coat is double breasted and held closed with two rows of three buttons each, and a cotton cloth waist belt with metal or plastic buckle.” from

High quality water-slide decals produced under licence from Roaglaan’s Customs. 

Decals only. Minifigures not included!

Features of this product:

  • Squad pack contains decals for seven complete figures.
  • Recommended for dark tan minifigures
  • Includes detailed application instructions

New Release: StuG III Ausf F


Order Here

Order your StuG III before October 4th and receive a free Megaton WWII German Sniper with BrickArms KAR98 Sniper Rifle .

About the StuG III:

The Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) is a direct-fire infantry support vehicle used by the German army in World War II. It was the result of lessons learned in the First World War.  The Germans saw the need for pinpoint artillery fire to break up enemy strong points such as machine gun nests and fortifications encountered by advancing infantry.

The first prototype Stürmgeschutz vehicles were manufactured in 1937, based on the hulls of the newly-designed Panzer III chassis.  Read More

Free Shipping Ends Tonight at Midnight!


Get your orders in tonight!  Free shipping ends with the end of September!
New Release are available, so get your orders in today.

Video: Brickmania TV Episode 6

On today’s episode of Brickmania TV…

• A brief review of new releases:
1. StuG III
2. Modern Rifleman
• Some history about the StuG III Tank
• This week’s coupons and deals at
• Outtakes

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