Special US WWII Bulk BrickArms Deals


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Brickmania has four bulk BrickArms deals for you this week all US WWII items.

Buy 10 get 10% off.  Buy 20 get 20% off.

M1A1 Submachine Gun

M1 Carbine Para


M1 Helmet

Don’t miss out on these savings.

BOGO US WWII Decal Sale of the Week


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Choose one, two, three, four or all five of our Decal Squad Packs.  When you buy one of these WWII US squad packs you will receive a second of the same pack for FREE.  Get your WWII decals this week because next week we swap out the deals.

Black Friday Week Sale – Cyber Monday’s Deal

Good Only Cyber Monday!


Special is only for Cyber Monday.  Act Now!  Limit one per order.  While supplies last. Value pack deal is for Cyber Monday only.

Black Friday Week Sale – Sunday’s Deal

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Get your $100 order in today and we will add a Free FaBiOX Sample Pack to your order. Limit one per order. While supplies last.  This deal only good Sunday so don’t miss out and get your FaBiOX Sample Pack today.

Black Friday Week Sale – Saturday’s Deal

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Special is only for Saturday.  Act Now!  Limit two per customer.  While supplies last. This discounted price is for Saturday only.

Restock: Tiger I Ausf H German Heavy Tank


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Limited Time Only!  Add up to Four Custom Panzer Crewmen when you order your Tiger Tank!

The Legendary Tiger

Of all the tank designs to reach a 20th Century battlefield, no other vehicle has attained such legendary and mythical status as the German Tiger heavy tank. Backed up by undeniable battlefield effectiveness, the Tiger’s mythos grew to legendary status and struck terror into the hearts of those faced with the challenge of defeating it.

The origins of the Tiger tank date back to 1937, when a 30-35 ton heavy tank was discussed by German planners. The idea was dropped in favor of the more lightweight and mobile Panzer III and IV series, which proved adequately effective against allied forces in Poland and France. When Hitler turned his forces against Russia, they were soon shocked to be faced against the formidable T-34 and KV-1 tanks, both closely guarded secret weapons up to that point. The Panzertruppen found themselves out-gunned, and facing certain defeat, unless they were equipped with more powerful weapons. Read More…

Black Friday Week Sale – Friday’s Deal

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Special is only for Friday.  Act Now!  Limit two per customer.  While supplies last. This discounted price is for Friday only.

New Release: Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank Gun


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The Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank gun was introduced by the Imperial Japanese Army to replace smaller anti-tank guns dating which the 1930’s that were found lacking during clashes with Soviet forces in northern Manchuria. The Type 1 incorporated many advanced design features, including low-profile carriage with split tails and a semi-automatic breech mechanism. Read More

Black Friday Week Sale – Thursday’s Deal

Good Only Thursday!


Special is only for Thursday.  Act Now!  Limit two per customer.  While supplies last. This discounted price is for Thursday only.

New Release: Operation Barbarossa Building Instructions for WW2 LEGO® Models

OpBarb Promo 560

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From now through Sunday November 29th, your purchase of an Operation Barbarossa book comes with a free Russian and German BrickArms Weapons Pack! Thats 30 free BrickArms Weapons!

Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Launched on June 22, 1941, it was just the beginning of the most epic and costly battles in human history. 

Recreated in this book with LEGO® bricks are many of the most important fighting vehicles of this first phase of the war on the Eastern Front. The wide open plains of Ukraine and Russia were ideal tank country, with which most of the battles were waged.

This book contains instructions for 13 kits that is less than $7.50/per kit for each instruction and there is a full sticker sheet included with the book.

This book contains complete full-color, step-by-step building instructions for 13 German and Russian military models from World War II. Instructions in this volume are: 

  • Panzer II ausf C Light Tank
  • Panzer 38(t) Light Tank
  • Panzer III ausf H Medium Tank
  • Panzer IV ausf E Medium Tank
  • SdKfz 250 Half Track Prime Mover
  • PaK 36 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun
  • T-26 Model 1939 Light Tank
  • BT-7 Cavalry Tank
  • T34/76 Medium Tank
  • KV-1 Heavy Tank
  • KV-2 152mm Self-Propelled Gun
  • Gaz MM Light Truck
  • 53-K Anti-Tank Gun, Model 1937

 Also included is a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle insignia and uniforms for 20 figures.


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