Restock: WWII Panther Ausf G – A Premium Custom LEGO Kit

Panther Cover

The Panther tank was widely considered to be one of the best tanks of World War II, so it’s no coincidence that its also one of the most popular premium kits Brickmania has produced. We  just completed another batch of our latest Panther Ausf G (Version G) kits, a small feat considering each one contains more than 800 parts!


The panther has lots of great play features like four opening hatches, working suspension, custom printed mini figures and elements, plus detailed crew and engine compartments. These kits are not easy for us to assemble and they’re usually sold out more often than in stock.

Bundle Offer: Flak 36 “88” plus One Minifig Crewman

88 + Crewman

German’s feared “88” with one crewman minifig available together at a nicer price for a limited time.

Important Shipping Information for International Customers


Dear friends and supporters,

As of tomorrow morning, Brickmania will be shipping all international packages exclusively through United Parcel Service. This change is a result of an alarming increase in the number of your packages lost in transit by our previous shipping services.  It is no good to offer our customers discounted shipping rates when the providers can’t deliver the packages with a reasonable amount of reliability. All international shipments now have the added benefits by using UPS, the world’s largest package service:

  • Door-to-door, real-time package tracking information
  • Full replacement coverage for lost shipments
  • Express customs clearance and all local taxes pre-paid from our end
  • It will be at your door unbelievably fast!

Right now the shipping rates + taxes are pre-calculated into one total shipping price at check out. We are working on solutions to break down the prices in a more transparent fashion and will implement them when possible.

We realize that the new shipping structure may be cost prohibitive, especially for smaller international orders. We encourage our international customers to consider buying from one of our international resellers. In Europe BRiCKiZiMO has the widest selection of Brickmania products, including some rare items we no longer have on our own shelves. In Japan our reseller MOMCOM has a wide variety of Brickmania kits. We are currently in negotiation with additional international resellers and will be making announcements as they come on line. We also recommend purchasing BrickArms from their extensive network of international resellers.

Thank you for your continued support,

Daniel Siskind
CinC Brickmania


FREE Bonus M2 Tripod with M1919 plus Printed Crate Combo

M1919 Crate + Tripod

For a limited time we are including a bonus M2 Tripod to make your M1919 the ultimate stand-alone light machine gun. Includes a custom printed BrickArms crate to pack it all for transport to the front lines.


Here’s what you get:

  • M1919 Machine Gun
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Ammo Can
  • M2 Tripod
  • Dark OD green BrickArms crate with custom M1919 print and lid.

This special bonus pack is only available for a limited time!

M1 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun + Three US Infantry Minifigures Bundle

M1 40mm Bundle

It’s bundle time again! We have put together a small run of bundles containing the M1 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun + three US Infantry Minifigures and BrickArms shells. It’s always cheaper to bundle and here is your chance to save!

Buy One Get One Free: All Roaglaan’s Customs Squad Packs!

Buy On Get One

Special offer on all Roaglaan’s Customs decal squad packs – Buy any squad pack and a duplicate for free! Double your army or have extras for practice!


LIMITED RESTOCK: BrickArms Private Carpetti & MG 08/15

Pvt Carpetti

The extras from World War Brick Anaheim sold out on the web site in a matter of hours. We were able to get additional quantities from BrickArms and will have them for a limited time. Notice we have added stepped discounts for quantities greater than one.

MG 08/15

The PEACEMAKER has arrived. New Reloaded Brickarms!


We’ve received a few of these handmade works of art from the legendary [plastic] weapon smith Will Chapman. Each individual Reloaded BrickArms is loaded into two different molds to achieve two (or more!) different plastic colors on one weapon. This is all done one at a time by Will himself! All BrickArms products are designed and manufactured right here in the United States. Will designs every piece and uses the highest quality plastics possible. He was the first to the aftermarket weapons game and we think his designs are the truest to the LEGO aesthetic. Don’t settle for outsourced knockoffs. Support quality, originality, and integrity. Buy BrickArms!

World War Brick Anaheim After Action Report

WWB 2015

World War Brick Anaheim was an unqualified success. Total attendance 890 people! $4900 raised for Wounded Warrior Project. An awesome good time was had by all.


Micro Tank Battle Tabletop Wargame – Deluxe Game Set Out Now!


Micro Tank Battle is fast-paced table top game developed for 1:100 scale armor models and extensively play tested at World War Brick events.  The Deluxe Starter Pack includes everything you need to play the basic game, including 784 LEGO® bricks to build the models and a heavy duty 30×60″ vinyl play mat with pre-printed terrain features and hex grid for quick game play. Also includeds rules and a tape measure for the traditional (non hex-based) movement used in tournament play.

Micro Tank Battle

The Deluxe Starter Set includes:

  • Full-color booklet with game rules and building instructions
  • 1x Tiger I tank model (all models made from genuine LEGO bricks)
  • 2x Panther tank models
  • 3x StuG III TD models
  • 1x Wespe SPG model
  • 5x Sherman tank models
  • 3x M18 Hellcat TD models
  • 1x M7 Priest SPG model
  • 2x Houses
  • 2x Forest Obstacles
  • 1x Bridge
  • 3x game dice
  • Tape measure
  • 30×48″ eavy duty vinyl game mat

If you have your own parts, you can also buy the following separately:

Rule Book

Basic Rules and Building Instructions | PDF version also available


30×60″ Vinyl Game Mat


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