RESTOCK: M1857 Napoleon Gun with Confederate or Union Soldier


Classic American Civil War cannon with Confederate soldier and BrickArms Musket


Classic American Civil War cannon with Union soldier and BrickArms Musket

Just liking for the cannon? We have that too. We also have the Civil War Accessory Packs.

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World War One QF 13 Pounder with Limber and Australian Artilleryman

13 pounder

The Ordnance Quick Firing 13 Pounder (weight refers to the weight of the shell) was developed as a light, rapid-firing artillery piece for use by British and Commonwealth cavalry. During World War One, the 13 pounder saw service on all fronts and was widely praised for it’s high mobility and lethal effectiveness. However, once the mobility of open warfare gave way to static trench lines, the QF 13 Pounder would eventually be phased out in favor of the more powerful 18 pounder.

The QF 13 Pounder has the following features:

  • Gun details include seats for two crewmen, deployable lower gun shield and collapsable hand spike
  • Includes custom figure with cloth jacket by MMCB and accessories by BrickArms
  • Separate ammunition limber has opening door
  • 1/35 scale to match other Brickmania models
  • Over-all color is new dark gray
  • Includes 75 genuine new-condition LEGO®, BrickArms® and MMCB elements
  • Sophomore Skill Level (2-4 years experience with LEGO is recommended)

Additional Images:

German Gunner figure with MG42, Tripod and Bullet Chain


We have made up just a small amount of these WW2 German army soldiers with sand green torsos. For a very limited time you can get one with an equally special BrickArms MG42, Tripod and Bullet chain combination.  If any survive until next week they’ll be shipped off to BrickFair. Get one while you can!

German Gunner

Battle for a Free Brickmania Renault FT17 Kit in World of Tanks!

WOT contest

That’s right, if you like to play World of Tanks, you can join the Brickmania WoT clan and battle to win a free tank kit from Brickmania. All of the rules are HERE in the new BRICKMANIA FORUM. Yeah, that’s right… Brickmania is bringing back the message board!!

Preparations Under Way for BrickFair Virginia – August 2-3, 2014

BrickFair DC

Next week the Brickmania van will be hitting the road for Brickfair Virginia - easily the biggest gathering of fan-created LEGO creations in the country. We will have a joint booth with our friends at BrickArms, GI Brick and Brickstuff. Our vendor booth presence will be scaled down from previous years, but you can expect us to have the very best and latest products in stock, including two new US Ranger mini kits that will be released exclusively at this event (if there are left overs we’ll put ‘em up on the web store).

USS Nicholas

Dan’s completed USS Nicholas (DD449) will be headed to Brickfair, VA. You can preview it this weekend at Brickmania Toyworks’ open house. At just under 11 feet in length, the “Nick” is the largest ship model to be displayed at Brickmania, but will be dwarfed by the 1/35 scale battleship USS Missouri to be built this coming winter.

US Ranger with RCV

US Ranger with Remote Controlled Vehicle to be released at Brickfair VA. Limited to just 50 copies, it contains a remotely controlled weapons platform and one of our premium custom-printed Task Force Ranger minifigs.

Ranger with M2HB

US Ranger with Advanced Optics M2HB to be released at Brickfair VA. This is a modified BrickArms M2HB heavy machine gun with one of our premium Task Force Ranger minifigs. This is also limited to just 50 copies. If there are any left overs from Virginia, you can expect them in our web store shortly after.


Look for our booth in the Military section. Fromt he front entrance we are located towards the back of the hall, on your left hand side.

New Complete Minifig Decal Set and Camo Decal Sheet from Roaglaan’s

Oak Spring Camo

Oak Spring Camo Mercenary is the first of several new complete minifig decal sets from Roaglaan’s Customs to be released in the coming weeks.

Oak spring

This decal set also looks great on hunter orange minifigs!

NEW Desert Digi Full Camo Sheet


We are now offering full sheets of camouflage decals for those looking for exciting new customization challenges.  Watch the video below to see how the camouflage pattern was applied to the BrickArms HCSR (tan are currently available in the Brickmania store)

Some other possible uses:

MARPATmoto560 Cricket Bat


Special Offer: Free K Rations Printed Tile with $10 BrickArms Purchase

Free Rations

We’re giving out a free random custom printed K-Ration tile with any $10 purchase of BrickArms products – while they last! That’s ONE free tile per order, not one free tile per every $10. Once we run out of tiles we revert to the freebies schedule as posted in the store’s FAQ.

BrickArms MAAWS on Special This Week for $1 Off Regular Price


Get the BrickArms MAAWS with RGB warheads for $5 this week (soldier and motorcycle not included)


We also have good quantities of the Gunmetal BrickArms MAAWS for the same price

Maawsome T-Shirt

And we even have a few of the limited edition MAAWS T-shirts in our clearance page for just $5. That’s right – just five box for a T-shirt!

New M10 Wolverine WW2 Allied Tank Destroyer Custom Kit Available Now

M10 Wolverine

The M10 Wolverine was main US Tank Destroyer in World War II and participated in the North Africa campaign, invasion of Italy, the liberation of France and the Low Counties, as well as the final push into Nazi Germany. Powered by twin diesels, it was based on the same chassis used by the M4A2 Sherman, but traded in armor protection for speed and better armament. Designed to hunt tanks, it packed a powerful 3″ naval gun that was effective against German armor until the end of the war.. Distinguishing features are it’s sloped hull armor,  pentagonal open top turret, and steel-shod tracks.

TD Crewman

Includes exclusive TD Crewmen minifigs

The M10 Wolverine Allied Motorized Tank Destroyer kit has the following features:

  • Fully traversable turret and main gun that elevates and depresses
  • Shod in Steel colored, double-wide Brickmania Track Link™
  • Secondary armament includes M2HB and 2x M3 “Grease Guns” from BrickArms
  • Includes three exclusive custom-printed minifigs with the distinctive Tank Destroyer insignia on their sleeve
  • Includes custom printed US insignia tiles
  • 1/35 scale to match other Brickmania models
  • Includes 669 genuine new-condition LEGO®, Brickmania and BrickArms® elements
  • Comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Intermediate Skill Level (4-6 years experience with LEGO is recommended)


New World War I Minifig: Australian Light Horse Infantry


Since the Renault FT17 tank was so well received, we’re going to continue the World War I theme throughout the rest of the year (even more fitting since we’re now 100 years from the start of the Great War). Look for more WWI custom mini kits and minifigs in the next few weeks. And yes we’ll have Central Powers represented too!


Leading off this new campaign with a new Australian Light Horse Infantry soldier. The uniform is supplied by MMCB Custom Capes (From Australia) and he’s equipped with a BrickArms SMLE rifle and LEGO horse, saddle and short sword. This figures will be limited in nature, so don’t miss out!



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