LST 325 Memorial Kits and Minifigs Available Online

LST 325 Jeep

Brickmania has proudly produced some special edition WW2 kits and minifigs for the LST 325 Memorial. They are available exclusively from the LST 325 gift shop (online and at the ship). Get yours before they’re all gone!

LST 325 Figs

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NEW RELEASE: LAV-25 Amphibious Reconnaissance Vehicle


Brickmania is pleased to announce the release of our newest modern military combat vehicle kit: the LAV-25  We have only a single run of these kits planned before the holiday season and no guarantee they will ever be produced again.


Background of the LAV-25

The LAV-25 is an eight-wheeled armored reconaissance vehicle currently used by the US Marines and Canadian Army. It’s puspose is to give force recon elements a highly mobile, armored weapons platform and personnel carrier. It can travel at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour on land and eight miles per hour through rivers and lakes. It is armed with a Bushmaster 25mm chain gun, has a crew of three, and can carry four additional troops in the passenger compartment. It’s combat debut was made during in the Invasion of Panama and has since seen action in both Iraq wars and in Afghanistan.


Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

The LAV-25 kit includes the following features:

  • Fully rotating turret and posable main gun
  • Seven opening hatches for crew and passengers
  • Includes three Recon Marines mini fig crewmen with BrickArms accessories
  • Tan color as used in Operation Desert Shield/Storm
  • 1/35 scale to match other Brickmania models.
  • Includes 321 genuine new-condition LEGO bricks and BrickArms elements
  • Comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Intermediate Skill Level (4-6 years experience with LEGO is recommended)

Free Messerschmitt Bf-109 Minikit Offer – This Week Only!

Free Minikit

We’re giving out a free BF-109 Messerschmitt mini kit this week with every order of $100 or more.  Don’t try to adding it in your shopping cart: Our customer service experts will simply add it when they ship your order!  Limit one free mini kit per customer. Order subtotal (after applicable discounts) must be at least $100, excluding shipping costs, to qualify.

The Messerschmitt Bf-109 is built at 1:120 scale (1 inch = 10 feet) to match the Micro Tank Battle game played at World War Brick. You bet there will be more aircraft rules added for WWB 2015!

New Premium Zip-Up Hoodie from Brickmania

Brickmania Hoodie

It’s that time of year when the T-shirts are put into the back of the drawers and the warm clothes come out. While we have previously made pull-over hooded sweet shirts available, zip-up sweat shirts have been something available only to Brickmania’s staff members. …until now. For a limited time we are making our premium-quality zip-up hoodies available to the public.


We hand screen-print each one at the Brickmania Toyworks on a premium quality Econscious sweat shirt with the following specs:

  • 80% organic cotton, 20% recycled polyester compisition
  • Clean finished neck seam with organic cotton woven tape
  • Double needle cover-stitched seams
  • Heavy-duty cotton/spandex cuffs and waiste
  • Brass zipper from YKK
  • Olive drab “jungle” color
  • Available in Mens size XS through XXL
  • Available in Womens size S through XL

Brickmania’s 2014/2015 premium zip-up hoodie is available for a limited time.

WWI and WW2 Minifig Decal Box Sets Are Back in Stock!

Decal Box Set

The special Box Set releases of Roaglaan’s Customs water-slide decals for minifigs were so popular that we’ve created another batch.

WW2 Decals

The World War II Collection contains 33 different decal sets to create a total of 140 figures, at half the price of buying them individually.

New Figures

Included in the WW2 Box Set are eight previously unavailable decals packs!


The World War I Box Set contains all eight currently available World War I decal sets, again at half the retail price of buying them individually.

Boot Decals

As a special bonus exclusive to the World War I Box Set, we have included enough boot decals to add them to every figure!



M4A3E8(76)W “Easy Eight” Sherman Kit Available Now

Sherman Easy Eight

“Easy Eight” was the nickname for the final World War II production model of the famous American Sherman Tank. It’s official designation is the M4A3E8(76)W which denotes the following features: Welded steel hull, Ford GAA V8 gasoline engine, horizontal volute spring suspension, 23-inch wide tracks, 76mm main gun in a T-23 turret, and “wet” ammunition stowage.

While never designed to battle heavy German armor, this model was far more capable than the original Sherman tanks rolled out just three years earlier. The “Easy Eight” was the only Sherman to remain in American service following World War II and it would see further action on the Korean Peninsula supporting UN forces. The “Easy Eight” was also the basis of the famous Israeli “Super Shermans” which saw action well into the 1970’s. More than 49,000 Sherman Tanks were built during World War II. Many thousands were distributed to the Allies through the Lend-Lease program.

Easy Eight Cover

We’ve saved the best Sherman tank for last!  The standard production kit includes one US Tanker minifig with the armored division sleeve print. It also has smooth rolling LEGO tracks, four opening crew hatches (inside is not detailed, but can be easily accessed for adding your own interior), custom pad-printed US star insignia tiles, and BrickArms M2HB and M1919 machine guns for secondary armament.

Easy Eight

Expanded Crew Add-On

For those who order during the first week, we’re giving you the opportunity to add up to four extra US Tanker minifigs with sleeve prints, generally reserved for new release kits and not normally available for separate purchase.

US Tankers

Taking the Time to Make it Even Better

While we aimed to have this released the same day as the movie Fury (featuring this same tank), a last minute decision to have the instruction booklet professionally printed (rather than our usual laser printed method) means shipping will be delayed until Wednesday, October 22nd. If the results are as good as we hope, we will switch all instruction printing to this method whenever possible.

M1 57mm anti-Tank Gun and US Infantry Soldiers Restocked


Gearing up for the expected counter-attack, we’ve re-released the M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun as a stand-alone mini kit. (NOTE: For this interested in the Tiger I kit re-release, be aware that there are less than a dozen unspoken for as of this writing).

M1 57mm AT Gun

This M1 57mm Anti-Tank gun was distributed to all US Infantry Divisions for the campaign in Europe. While not effective against the frontal armor of the heaviest German tanks, it was still an effective tank-killer when properly used, and it’s small size made for ideal ambush weapon.

US Rifleman

Brickmania has also just completed another batch of our custom US Rifleman minifigs, which we hope will be enough to last us through the holidays. These genuine LEGO minifigs that have been custom pad-printed the same way LEGO does it.

Brickstuff Lights Now Available At


We have been including Brickstuff lights in our displays for the last year and everyone agrees that the results are awesome. So much so that we regularly invite Rob to demonstrate his lighting system at our Second Saturday Open House and have even begun including them in our kits. We are pleased to announce that we expanding our partnership with Brickstuff and are now stocking most of the basics in our web store.

Check out some of these models we have used Brickstuff lights to add another level of realism:


M151 Searchlight Jeep (a Brickmania kit)


M4(105) Sherman Tank (a Brickmania kit)


USS Nicholas display model


Black Hawk Down diorama


Soviet Tank Repair Depot


BRDM model



Brickmania Makes Cameo Appearance at Minneapolis Institute of Arts


The Brickmania team recently returned to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to lend some our LEGO collection for a teen building and activity night.

While our team was on hand to offer guidance and moral support, the kids pretty much knew what to do without our help. Instead  we made this fantastic sign with the arts and crafts supplies.

This time we were able to sweet talk them into doing a side-by-side comparison photo with their Van Gogh painting and our mosaic (you can’t see the five giant security goons standing off camera).  Our plan is to disassemble the mosaic and do a new group project at the Toyworks in late November where we’re going to invite the public to help. Stay tuned for more info!

FREE M1841 Mountain Howitzer Minikit with $100 Purchase

M1841 Mountain Howitzer

We’re adding an exclusive M1841 12 Pounder Mountain Howitzer to every order of $100 or more. Don’t try to add it in your shopping cart: Our customer service experts will simply added it to your order!  Limit one free gun per customer. Order subtotal (after applicable discounts) must be at least $100, excluding shipping costs, to qualify.  Offer valid 3pm CST October 13 through 3pm CST October 20 (when the next free offer goes into place!).


M1841 12-Pounder Mountain Howitizer was a relatively light weight cannon used by the armies of both sides during the Civil War. Designed to be broken down and transported by three pack animals, the M1841 was idea for the rough terrain of the western United States, where it could be found among forces on both sides during the Civil War and was particularly popular amongst cavalry units due to its portability.



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