COMING FEBRUARY 1: BrickArms Crate


Transport your minifig supplies in style with the BrickArms Crate!
Comes with a lid tile to keep your items secure, and when removed, the crates are stackable!

The BrickArms Crate is 2×6 wide and will grip firmly onto any build, so pack ‘em up and ship ‘em out with the BrickArms Crate.

– Crate
– Lid

BA Crate

The BrickArms brown crates loaded with BrickArms BARs.The vehicle being offloaded is the new Brickmania CCKW (Deuce and a Half), which has cargo space for 10 crates, double-stacked.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This items is available to pre-order on the Brickmania web site. If you pre-order before the release date, your ENTIRE ORDER will be held until February 1st!

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