RESTOCK Tan M1025 HMMWV “Durabuilder Humvee”

BKM804t Humvee Tan Cover


We have another batch of 50 tan Durabuilder Humvees rolling down the assembly line today. Due to difficulties obtaining parts, batches of this model in tan have become increasingly difficult to complete. We’ll keep making them as we can, but it could  be six months before the next batch is ready. In other words, get one now, or be prepared to wait for the next batch! Click image to order.

Tan Modern Combat SoldierIf you are looking for minifies to man your Humvees, we have a good amount of Modern Combat Soldiers in tan and dark gray. And don’t forget your BrickArms!

On a related note, we are currently working on additional Humvees in dark gray and they should be available for sale within the next two weeks. We are also planning to respond to requests for humvees in NATO forest camouflage. Watch future updates for restock and release information.

And finally, we have now added a Modern Military Kit Archive page to the blog. Here you can check out the entire history of Brickmania’s modern military model releases. We’re only beginning to cover this area, but the explosive popularity of our recent kits mean this will be a rapidly expanding product line!


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