NEW RELEASE: Japanese and Russian Infantry Decal Squad Packs


Two more Squad Pack decal sets are now available from Roaglaan’s Customs: Japanese Infantry and Russian Infantry.

High quality water-slide decals produced under licence from Roaglaan’s Customs.

Features of this product:

  • Squad pack contains decals for five complete figures
  • Includes detailed application instructions


Buy five or more Squad Packs and receive four-pack of 2000 grit micro sandpaper sheets (measure 4.5″ x 5.5″) to assist in the removal of printing on your figures.


Decals only. Minifigures not included!

Waterslide decals require a moderate level of dexterity and skill to apply. You will also need to apply a protective coating of clear paint to seal the decal onto the surface of your figure or model. This is available at your local local hobby shop or home improvement warehouse.

For a comprehensive guide to applying decals to minifures, we recommend purchasing a copy of Jared K Burkes’ Minifigure Customization book.

Decal Sheet

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