WW2 RESTOCKS: Tiger I, CCKW, SdKfz 10, Flak 38 and Nebelwerfer

Tiger I

Another batch of the incredibly popular Tiger I tanks have just rolled off the assembly line here at the Brickmania Panzerworks.  This model has a completely detailed interior and includes four minifies. This isa top-of-the-line, premium level Brickmania kit recommended for Intermediate to Advanced builders.

CCKWCCKW 6×6 “Deuce and a Half”
The GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton 6×6 Truck was hands down the workhorse of the US military’s overland logistics service and one of the most curcial pieces of hardware in the Allied aresnal during World War II. The famous “deuce and a half” saw service on all continents with hundreds of thousands being made during the war.

SdKfz 10SdKfz 10 Utility Halftrack
The Sd.Kfz (Sonderkraftfahrzeug) 10 was a German utility halftrack that saw widespread use throughout World War II. It’s main role was to serve as a prime mover for light to medium towed weapons and their crew. Numerous specialized variants were produced and its chassis was also adapted to become the SdKfz 250 light armored halftrack.

NebelwerferNebelwerfer 41 (Light Gray)
A 1/35 scale model of the Nebelwerfer 41 German mobile rocket launcher (named “Screaming Mimi” by Allied troops after the sound it made while fire it’s rockets). This Brickmania custom kit contains 59 new-condition lego bricks plus full color building instructions.


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