Brickmania VIPs To Host Games During Brick Fair New England!


We’re such swell guys that we’ve volunteered to host two games on Saturday night, during the Exhibitor portion of Brick Fair New England! These activities are happening Saturday, May 11 at Brick Fair New England. You must be a registered exhibitor (full convention participant) to participate in this awesomeness!


BLIND SPEED BUILD (Saturday night from 7-8:30PM):

Players all receive the same small set to build (set not revealed until the game). Players may read their instructions, but cannot see the parts they are assembling!

Points are deducted for parts in the wrong places, and for missing parts.

The winner gets an awesome prize, and everyone has a great time (and keeps their small set).

For ages 10+.  Will draw 18 players and 2 alternates.


LEGO HOLD ‘EM (Saturday night 10PM to Midnight)

This is your standard Texas Hold’em poker tournament, played with LEGO cards and the winner takes home a LEGO prize.

Poker knowledge required, obviously.

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