MMCB Displays Brickmania Kits in Sydney, Australia


Mark from MMCB Capes included a large amount of Brickmania kits last week in Sydney, Australia. Mark is the creator of the canvas covers for Brickmania Jeep and Deuce and a Half kits, as well as canvas jackets for some of our minifig packs. Mark’s C-47 Dakota (above) is a real show stealer!

The first gallery are photos from the Sydney Brick Show. Along with a display of Mark’s MMCB creations, he has a good number of MOCs on display as well as some Brickmania kits.

The second gallery is an impromptu collaborative display put together for ANZAC Day (April 25th) that coincided with the Sydney Brick Show.

Our thanks to Mark for showing off our kits along with all the other cool models!

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