EVENT: Brickworld Chicago – June 15-16



Pack003_Bond_PPKS-1Brickmania is top-level sponsor of Brickworld Chicago 2013!

For those attending as a full Registrant, you will find a special packet from Brickmania in your goody bag. Included is a sample pack of Raoglaan’s Customs waterslide decals, a Brickmania temporary tattoo and a couple of Brickmania collectors cards.  We will also running a hands-on presentation for decal application on Friday afternoon at 1pm.

If you are isiting during the public exhibition, be sure to stop at the Brickmania booth. We’ll have a full selection of Brickmania kits, BrickArms accessories, decals, T-shirts and more. We also plan to bring our big Peleliu invasion diorama and some other MOCs for display.  If you’re planning to go to Brickworld Chicago, we hope to see you there.  Come early and you may be able to purchase one of Joe Popelka’s PPK kits at our booth!


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  1. Hey Dan, are the decals, tattoo, and cards that your giving out only for people who fully registered with mocs, or are they for anyone who buys an item at your booth?

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