NEW RELEASE BrickArms Modern Combat Pack V.4

Modern Combat Pack V.4

Everything you need to create modern battle scenes, the BrickArms Modern Combat Pack V3 includes sniper rifles, SMGs, battle rifles, grenades, and more!

Pack includes:

  • M60 w/Ammo Can
  • HCSR
  • Tactical PDW
  • Combat PDW
  • Combat SMG
  • PSR
  • ARC
  • M110
  • M16
  • M16-AGL
  • M16-DBR
  • Assault Carbine
  • AC8
  • FMG
  • HAC
  • Ammo Clip (x2)
  • M203 (x2)
  • U-Clip (x2)
  • Bipod (x4)


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