RESTOCK: M24 Chaffee – Updated Version


Introduced at the end of World War II to replace the worn out and under-gunned M3/M5 Stuart tanks, the M24 Chaffee first saw action against the German Ardennes offensive known the Battle of the Bulge. Lightly armored and fast, the M24 was a nimble scout vehicle that packed the same punch as the M4 Sherman tank. The M24 Chaffee was retired from US service after the Korean War (being replaced by the Walker Bulldog) but has soldiered on in other countries armed serives to modern times. during the Vietnam way, the AVRN (South Vietnamese Army) used Chaffee tanks that were left behind when the French Colonial Army withdrew in the late 1950s.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

This model is built to 1/35 scale for use with LEGO minifigs and other Brickmania WWII kits. It features a BrickArms M1919 .30 caliber machine gun, articulated tracks, opening commander’s hatch (fig not included) and traversable turret with elevating main gun. Includes 372 new-condition LEGO and BrickArms elements plus printed building instructions (it is shipped unassmbled).

Updated Version:

The original M24 Chaffee kit was built in such a manner that it would not be compatible with the upcoming custom Brickmania Track Links™. Since the Chaffee was out most popular kit we decided to upgrade the design to make it compatible with the new links. While it was being redesigned, minor updates were made to the kit to make the hull shape more accurate, etc.  Until the Brickmania Track Links™ reach production stages, the M24 Chaffee will be shipped with stock LEGO chain links for the tracks.

Figure for demonstration purposes. It is not included with the kit.

Figure for demonstration purposes. It is not included with the kit.

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