NEW RELEASE: BrickArms M2HB Machine is Here!

BrickArms M2HB

Friday, November 1st is the official release date of the production version of the M2HB, perhaps the most widely anticipated BrickArms gun to date!

BrickArms brings the war-winning “Ma Deuce” design to minifig scale at long last. Developed by John Browning as an up-sized version of his .30 Caliber M1917 design, the M2 machine gun is a .50 caliber monster, able to launch a vehicle-killing projectile for miles. The M2HB or “Heavy Barrel” is the air-cooled version issued to ground troops and mounted on just about every American armored vehicle from World War II to the present day.

• M2HB Body
• M2HB Removeable Barrel
• M2HB Removeable Spade Grips
• M2HB Ammo Can (can be mounted right or left)
• M2HB Charging Handle (can be mounted right or left)
• M2HB Mounting Bracket with Optional Stud-to-Pin Joiner

All components are black ABS plastic, injection molded in the USA.

Here are additional images of the BrickArms M2HB:

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