Report: Brickmania Display at Victoria BC’s Ultimate Toyfair


By Aaron

The Show on Sunday came as a wonderful success. All went exceedingly well in setting up the display, and there was a very high degree of interest in the product. The table was swarmed so often that I found myself in near-constant conversation with countless prospective buyers! The display was undeniably one of the highlights of the show for all involved. Luckily, I was able to extricate myself for long enough to take pictures later in the day, with a bit of help from the rest of the staff. The number of free-shipping cards your provided was quite perfect, as they were frequently requested before I even had the chance to offer one!

Also, the kits you provided for the charity auction were very popular, as many people were disappointed to hear that they could not purchase sets right then and there. All five of the kits provided [for the charity auction] were bid for up to market price, and the winners all made a point of coming up to the table to show me their proudly owned kits.

As another strong point of interest, one of the people I met during the day was a man of my previous acquaintance who owns the local museum in Sydney, a well-populated town located at the northernmost end the of Saanich peninsula, A half-hour drive from my home. As is well-known in the area, Sydney plays host to a yearly Lego Day-Festival, an event in which the entire town becomes involved in the celebration of building and Lego in general. During the event, the museum pieces are mostly replaced with displays of Lego. I talked to him about the possibility of a Brickmania display as part of the event next year, and he was quite agreeable to the idea.

Overall, it was a wonderfully positive and successful experience.

The next Ultimate Toy Fair happens on October 5th.

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