Get The Zombie Apocalypse Mega-Bundle… Before It’s Too Late!


Brickmania is proud to present our most comprehensive apocalypse bundle to date. Fight the horde with the best equipment possible.

This bundle features two previously unreleased products. Supplies are limited, and the savings are huge. Don’t wait!

The Brickmania Apocalype Bundle Includes:

Rare BrickArms Premium Figure “Shaun” includes:

  • Custom printed LEGO minifigure with BrickArms Display Stand
  • Overmolded BrickArms Lever-Action Rifle
  • Custom printed BrickArms Cricket Bat

Exclusive Brickmania UN Soldier includes:

  • LEGO minifigure with yellow head (zombie head included in Zombie Defense Pack)
  • Exclusive custom printed blue BrickArms Modern Combat Helmet
  • BrickArms SAW Lightweight Combat Vest

Brickmania Bug Out Crate includes:

  • Transparent Smoke BrickArms crate with exclusive custom printing
  • Black Mosin Nagant
  • Brown SABR Shotgun
  • Gunmetal Machette
  • Silver Combat Knife
  • OD Green M1911 (hard to find!)
  • 3 different custom-printed BrickArms Ration tiles (hard to find!)

The BrickArms Bug Out Crate is a Brickmania exclusive!

BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack includes: 

  • Black M16
  • Black Combat SMG
  • Black Cricket Bat
  • Black Machete
  • Black Magnum Revolver
  • Black Longslide
  • Black M23 SOCOM
  • Black Spy Pistol
  • Black Sawed off Shotgun
  • Black M1911
  • Black M16-DBR
  • Black PSR
  • Gunmetal Lever-Action Rifle
  • Brown SABR Shotgun
  • Brown Bat
  • Silver Combat Knife
  • Silver Machete
  • SPECIAL Sand-green zombie head printed with puffy ink!

FREE bonus Zombie Infestation Decals:

  • Squad pack contains decals for TEN complete figures
  • Recommended for use with white, yellow or gray figures
  • Includes detailed application instructions
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