Roundup of Brickmania Specials – Many Ending Soon!

Flak 36 Bundle

You’re call for greater firepower has been answered! For a limited time you can get the Flak 36 (the famous German “88”) with a Luftwaffe crewman for a $10 savings over buying each item individually. Offer ends when one or there other runs out!


Send the Undead back to their graves with our Apocalypse Bundle! All of the latest post-apoc goodies—including two minifigures—at one nice price! Almost sold out!

Mashup Bundle

By a fluke we have three Cyber Monday BrickArms Mashup bundles back in our hands, and one could be yours if you hurry! You get three BrickArms Mashup packs (Sentry Gun, 20mm Hand Cannon and Bug Out Crate), plus a free BrickArm Value Pack, for way less scratch than buying them separately.

Armed to the Teeth Special

We’ve combined two of our favorite products into one solid bundle. Combining the BrickArms v5 Modern Combat Pack with our US Ranger, you’ll have access to a wide array of weapons for any combat situation.

DAK Bundle

Last chance for the DAK Bundle. Order the Panzer III and Kübelwagen together and save.


Also last call on the VAB with up to ten extra UN Troops!


Don’t forget all T-shirts are on sale!  When they’re gone they’re gone for good!

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