Save $10 on the Hurricane + Flak 38 Bundle

Hurricane & Flak 38 Bundle

The Hawker Hurricane VS. The Flak 38.

You decide who will be the winner of this contest.No matter the outcome you win with $10 off this bundle.

The Hawker Hurricane was one of the primary British fighter aircraft of World War II. Although it was responsible for a greater number of Axis planes destroyed in the war, history relegates the Hurricane to the shadow of it’s more famous cousin, the Supermarine Spitfire.  As the Spitfire took over the role of Britain’s main dog fighting aircraft, the Hurricane was transformed into a ground attack aircraft, a task for which it was ideally suited. This configuration, known as the Hurricane IIc, was armed with four powerful Hispano 20mm cannons and up to a 1000 pound bomb load.

The FlaK 38 was 2cm automatic cannon used by German anti-aircraft units throughout World War II. While designed for anti-aircraft use, its high rate of fire proved deadly against enemy infantry and thin-skinned vehicles. This new edition includes a custom printed Luftwaffe crewman.

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