Limited Time Only Nightstalker Minifig Bundle $20

Nightstalker Pack with Minifig

This Brickmania exclusive just became a deadlier deal. An all black clad minifig with black cap and Brickarms’ black SAW combat vest wielding “Ol’ Painless” the BrickArms Minigun! Six barrels worth of explosive firepower, the BrickArms Minigun is perfect for mounting or as a truly awe inspiring and imposing piece of hand-held weaponry for any fig tough enough to wield it!

This exclusive promotion includes:

  • All Black clad Minifig with yellow head and black hands
  • Black knit cap
  • Black Brickarms’ SAW Combat Vest

Special solid black “Night Stalker” edition with Black on Black printed crate includes:

  • Black Minigun Body
  • Black Minigun Barrels Piece
  • Black Exposed Barrels End Cap
  • Black Flash Suppressor End Cap
  • 3 Exclusive Black Buildable Ammo Chain Links
  • 3 Black U-Clips
  • Exclusive Black-on-Black Printed Crate

This special edition is a Brickmania exclusive! Order Here

Nightstalker Pack and Minifig


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