Memorial Day Sale


Brickmania is holding a Memorial Day Sale this year, but before we get into the details we wanted to take a moment and remember.

For the heroes that went forth and made history

So that we would be around to learn from it

For those who went forth to protect the peace

So we could enjoy peace at home

For those who left loved ones behind

So we would have loved ones to love

For the men and women who have given their lives for our country

So that we may live free

We Remember


 We here at Brickmania hope you learn the history behind the kits we sell.  It is your history.  We hope you enjoy our products and learn our shared history.  To help you with that we are offering 15% off everything on the website all this week (excluding Elite Memberships and WWB tickets) when you use the code: REMEMBER at checkout.  Orders over $200 will receive a Free American Flag with your order while supplies last. (Supplies of Flags are extremely limited, we will add them to orders as we fill them.)  Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember.


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