Russian Restock: Great Russian Tank Returns


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Developed in great secrecy, the T-34 was Russia’s answer to the growing military threat of Germany in the 1930s. Incorporating many new and innovative features, such as the Christie suspension system and sloping armor.   Get your own T-34 now before we sell out again.

Here is a sneak peek of a portion of our Stalingrad display which is currently under construction.
You can fill out your Russian Army with some customized Brickmania Minifigures seen above.

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Back by the campfire we have our Megaton Russian Sniper resting before heading out to his sniper’s nest in the early hours of the morning.

Order Here  On Sale at a 10% Discount
Talking with our T-34 Tanker is a Megaton Russian Soldier decked out with the best that money can buy.  A BrickArms Reloaded Overmolded PPSH and a Citizen Brick Custom Printed Red Star Ushanka.

Look for more sneak peeks of our new Stalingrad display in our newsletters, on our Blog, Facebook, Tumblr , on Twitter @brickmaniatoys and other social media site. Search Brickmania to find us.

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