New Release: Type 92 70mm Battalion Gun


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As a new release special add up to two Japanese Type 100 Infantry at a special price when you order your Type 92.  Supplies are limited. Special lasts till Sunday December 6th or while supplies last.

The type 92 70mm Battalion Gun was a howitzer adapted by the Imperial Japanese Army in the year 2592 (1932 in the Western Calendar). It was intended to fulfil the role of a direct fire howitzer, but could also function as a mortar due to the extreme elevation capabilities of the gun’s barrel. the original version had wooden spoked wheels, but were later equipped with stamped sheetmetal wheels. The Type 92 saw extensive action during the various campaigns on mainland Asia as well as in defence of the far-flung island defences in the Pacific. Type 92s were originally issued two per infantry battalion, hence the designation of Battalion Gun. Read More

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