West Coast Brickmania Fans Don’t Miss Out


World War Brick Anaheim is right around the corner.

WWB Hartford 2015

Have you purchased your tickets to World War Brick Anaheim?  Just a reminder ticket sales are limited for weekend passholders.  If you want to experience all three days of fun, make sure you get your weekend passes.

World War Brick Anaheim California
Weekend Pass
February 12th-14th
Public Day Pass
February 13th or 14th
Hotel Room Information Available Here

Check out all the excitement we have planned for you!

World War Brick 2016 Activities

Micro Tank Tournament

WWB Hartford 2015
We are holding a bracket style tournament of a fast-paced table top Micro Tank Battle game. Matches will be take between 30-45 minutes and winners of each battle will be eligible to advance to the next battle. As the battle progresses, new weapons will be introduced for an added twist. The Micro Tank Battle game can played by most ages and the outcome is determined by a combination of tactics and luck. All participants will receive on raffle ticket per battle played. The grand champion will receive a premium out-of-production Brickmania kit. Four randomly selected players will be eligible to participate in a bonus “King of the Hill” four-way battle for an additional prizes and glory! The tournament begins Friday morning and winners will advance through additional challenges throughout the weekend, with the Grand Champion crowned at the closing ceremony.

Speakers you want to talk to!

WWB Hartford 2015

Meet some of the best builders, producers, customizers and photographers in the Custom LEGO® Community. They will show off their work, answer questions, and run demonstrations on their techniques.

Games and Prizes

All day long at World War Brick there are games to participate in, and prizes to win.  When you’re between activities, jump in a game for a chance to win a prize.


Come join in the fun of an action packed BrikWars adventure.  Set in a LEGO built landscape who know what adventure you will encounter.  Zombies? Aliens? A tank battle? Herding pigs?  Weekend pass holders get to join in on the BrikWars action.

Brickmania Q & A – WORKSHOP

WWB Hartford 2015

Brickmania founder Daniel Siskind will be available for a questions and answer session regarding the future of Brickmania, creating custom LEGO kits, building displays, or whatever you have in mind to ask.

Chess Tournament 
We will be holding our first-ever Chess Tournament at World War Brick Anaheim. We’re bringing our own special chess sets, but will be playing the same old strategy game we all love so much. The tournament will be simple eliminations with the champion being the winner of three straight rounds.

Custom Group Builds

T-ff in Khafji
We hold several group builds during World War Brick hosted by one of our skilled moderators. Using pre-built terrain maps and models, the participants set up an epic scene based on historic battles. Each group build can have up to eight participants and advanced registration is required. The battles this year are:

  • Mother of All Battles: a mini scale battle set in the times of Operation Desert Storm involving dozens of 1/72 scale armored vehicles.  
  • D-Day 1944:  A minifig-scale beach assault based on the Allied invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944.
  • Battle of the Bulge: A minifig scale battle taking place in Belgium during the winter of 1944-45. 

MOC Awards 

WWB Hartford 2015Weekend Pass holders are encouraged to bring their MOCs (My Own Creations) to display at World War Brick. All MOCs are eligible for MOC Awards, but you must pre-register your models in order to win. MOCs are judged by all the Weekend Pass holders plus a public favorite.  We are giving out trophies this year in the following categories:

  • NPU (Nice Parts Usage)
  • Most Iconic Scene
  • Most Over the Top
  • Best Use of BrickArms
  • Best Special Effects
  • SNOT Champion
  • Public Favorite

BrickArms ModCom Weapon Build

WWB Hartford 2015
Participants create (and keep) their own custom weapon using the ModCom system developed by BrickArms. Open to all Weekend Pass Holders (limit one Mod Com build per Weekend Pass). 

Mosaic Build

We’re going to build three mosaics.  What they are is a surprise, but they will be fun to build.  Each participant will be rewarded with one raffle ticket for each 10″x10″ section completed of the 30×40″ finished mosaic, Each completed portrait will then be mounted in an oak frame behind a layer of UV-protected acrylic.

Robot Tank Tournament

A points-based competition using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotics system. Each player or team will control a robot that will complete a series of tasks with double points for each task completed autonomously (i.e. without remote control). We encourage participants to create their own Robot Tank, but will have 2-3 robots available. Tournament map will be available for practice during any Open Game Play session on the schedule.

Speed Build Competition 

WWB Hartford 2015
Test your building skills against your peers.  We will provide identical kits for the competition then it is up to you to prove your building skills and win the Speed Build Competition.

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