Video: Brickmania TV Episode 25

On today’s episode of Brickmania TV…

• New Release
1. Little Bird MH-6 / AH-6
2. Little Bird MH-6 / AH-6 with Delta Force Upgrade Pack
3. WWII German Heer Soldier – Tan
4. WWII German Heer Soldier – Dark Gray
5. WWII German Heer Soldier – Old Dark Gray
6. WWII US Infantry – Tan
7. WWII US Infantry – Olive
8. WWII American 82nd Airborne

• Restock
1. M113 Armored Personal Carrier

• This week’s coupons and deals at
1. Kit-of-the-Week: Spitfire Mk Vc Trop – 25% off

• Outtakes

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