Brand New BrickArms Packs!

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Fresh from the BrickArms workshop, we have 3 new proto packs for your MOCs.

German Tank Buster Pack

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This pack includes the Panzerfaust (“Tank Fist”), the Panzerschreck (“Tank’s Bane”) with sight and shield, and two Panzerschreck rockets.

Japanese Type 91 Grenade Pack
BA Type 91 Pile

The Japanese Type 91 Grenade Pack includes 10 unique, assorted Type 91 grenades.  These hand-injected protos often display beautiful swirl patterns in the plastic, which does not occur in mass-produced pieces.

Forefront Battle Pack

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Inspired by Star Wars: Battlefront, this battle pack includes 9 different lego compatible weapons.  A must-own collection for any Star Wars Lego enthusiast, this pack is full of hand-injected protos and overmolded weapons.


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