Video: Brickmania TV Episode 26

On today’s episode of Brickmania TV…

• New Releases
1. BrickArms WWII Vests
2. BrickArms German Tank Buster Pack
3. BrickArms Type 91 Japanese Grenades
4. BrickArms StarFront Battle Pack

• Restock
1. Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha – Japanese Medium Tank
2. Stalingrad ’42 Motherland Defense Pack
3. Krupp Protze Kfz 70
4. M1A1 75mm Howitzer on M8 Carriage

• This week’s coupons and deals at
1. Kit of the Week 25% Off: IS-2 Russian Heavy Tank – Premium Black Box Edition Kit

• A little info about World War Brick

• Outtakes with Minifig Dan

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World War Brick Information and Details

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