The Expert Builders of Brickmania


From mini-kits to massive builds, Brickmania would not exist without the hard work of our skilled Expert Builders!

Dan-400Dan Siskind

The Mastermind behind almost all of our kits, and is our Senior Builder as well as the owner and “Commander in Chief” of Brickmania.

Long before he started his business, Siskind kept his Lego building a secret hobby. Only people invited to his house would see his elaborate projects, which eventually filled the basement.

In the 1990s, the emerging Internet enabled him to connect with other adults who enjoyed their Legos and wanted to build more advanced models.  In 1999, he designed a medieval blacksmith shop, which was a hit in the Lego build community — so much so that the Lego company bought the set.

Now Dan focuses on creating vehicles and weapons from various historical conflicts, with a large focus on WWII.

Yitzy-300 Yitzy Kasowitz

If you’ve been to a Brickmania event and admired the carefully crafted historical dioramas, you’ve likely been appreciating Yitzy’s handiwork. With a  background in fine wood-working and engineering, it’s no surprise that Yitzy can recreate these historical scenes so faithfully.

Yitzy is also the creator of JBrick.  These kits are all inspired by Jewish traditions and themes.  From usable dreidels to the recreation of  a Bar Mitzvah, JBrick offers some truly unique items to the Jewish LEGO enthusiasts of the world.

CodyCody Osell

Our newest Expert Builder was an unlikely find.  His love affair with LEGOs started as a kid through a fondness for Star Wars themed kits.  Before long his interests turned towards historical vehicles, and he started building his own lego tanks.  One day he decided to see if there were any other builders in the world doing historical vehicles and he stumbled across Dan’s work.

Fast forward several years.  Cody looks again to see if there is a market in the MOC scene for historical vehicles.  Dan’s work pops up again, but this time in the form of Brickmania.  Cody manages to arrange a visit with Dan, and shares an L-Draw rendering of one of his own designs for a tank.  Dan offered him a job on the spot.

Now Cody works with Yitzy on our large scale dioramas and on vehicle designs for possible future release.

You can see the excellent work of our builder team at Brickmania Toyworks  – open this Saturday!


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