Operation Barbarossa Instruction Book 1/3 Off


Includes building instructions for thirteen World War II models and stickers to make 20 minifigures!  Save 1/3 off the cover price this week only!

Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Launched on June 22, 1941, it was just the beginning of the most epic and costly battles in human history. 

Recreated in this book with LEGO® bricks are many of the most important fighting vehicles of this first phase of the war on the Eastern Front. The wide open plains of Ukraine and Russia were ideal tank country, with which most of the battles were waged.

This book contains complete full-color, step-by-step building instructions for 13 German and Russian military models from World War II. Instructions in this volume are: 

  • Panzer II ausf C Light Tank
  • Panzer 38(t) Light Tank
  • Panzer III ausf H Medium Tank
  • Panzer IV ausf E Medium Tank
  • SdKfz 10 Half Track Prime Mover
  • PaK 36 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun
  • T-26 Model 1939 Light Tank
  • BT-7 Cavalry Tank
  • T34/76 Medium Tank
  • KV-1 Heavy Tank
  • KV-2 152mm Self-Propelled Gun
  • Gaz MM Light Truck
  • 53-K Anti-Tank Gun, Model 1937

This book features a deluxe spiral binding that allows you to keep your page while building each step. It also included is a vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle insignia and uniforms for 20 figures. And finally there are visual and text-based parts list to help you find all of the parts that you will need to build each model.

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