Missed Second Saturday, No Worries!

Brickmania@MOA710 and Brickmania at the Mall of America are open seven day a week.  So you will always have a source for the coolest custom kits made from LEGO®, the finest in lighting accessories, books, minifigs and so much more.

Our Mall of America location always has the latest in Brickmania kits on display for you to check out.  We also build some amazing gigantic displays with LEGO® elements, make sure you stop in and check out the latest build.  Currently there is an eight foot display of WWII Stalingrad in our front window so swing by the Mall of America, Third Floor, East Side E352.

Mark your calendars, May 14th is our next open house at the Brickmania Toyworks in NE Minneapolis.  This is your chance to see our 25′ long LEGO® displays, our world record battleship built from LEGO® and our numerous historical displays of key moments in history.  These large beautiful displays reside in the Brickmania Toyworks when not on the road touring the US.

Want to know if we will be near you?  All our event dates can be found Here.

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