Three New Releases – Now Available for Pre-Order!

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Now available for pre-order at!  We have 3 separate new releases for your collection.


The Battle Pack comes fully loaded: Blast through any Panzer division with the trusty M1 57mm AT gun.  Developed with armor penetration in mind, this AT gun was truly effective against nearly all German WWII tanks, save the formidable panthers and tigers.  But it’s small size and extreme portability gave it an advantage over larger AT guns.  The Dodge WC-62 is perfect for towing your guns from site to site, with plenty of cargo space for crew and munitions as well as the power to get your team and your gun from point A to point B.  Plus we’ve included a whole crate of BrickArms and two Brickmania custom minifigs!


The WC class trucks were one of the most prolific series of military light trucks produced by Dodge during WWII.  These trucks replaced the earlier VC ½ ton trucks from Dodge.  At the outset of World War II, Dodge produced the WC series of military light trucks, later adding heavier models .  Thousands of some variants were produced, while only a few of some others were made.  79,771 of the ½ ton trucks were produced during late 1940–1942 under War Department contracts.


The M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun was adapted by the US Army during World War II, after it became clear that the 37mm Anti-Tank was no longer effective against the increasingly well-armored German tanks. The M1 was issued to US Army anti-tank regiments and airborne units in Europe as well as the Pacific. While it still could not penetrate the frontal armor of Germany’s Tiger and Panther tanks, it’s small size made it easy to conceal and an effective ambush and flanking weapon.


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