New BrickArms Spec Ops Pack (V.1) and Rare Reloaded in Stock

Spec Ops Pack V.1

Savior or Saboteur – the choice is yours with this collection.

The Spec Ops Crate includes:

  • Metallic Titanium BrickArms crate with exclusive custom printing featuring VX Nerve Gas motif
  • 3 Trans Green custom printed VX canisters

Complete with a full compliment of RARE BrickArms weapons:

  • Combat SMG
  • M21 Sniper Rifle with Bipod
  • Modcom Fuzed (previously only available at World War Brick Anaheim 2015!)
  • Overmolded Time Bomb

The BrickArms Spec Ops Crate is a Brickmania exclusive!


We also just received a small cache of rare Reloaded BricksArms: SABR Shotgun, AK-47 and M1A1 Submachine Gun


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