September is Spec Ops Month: Here are the Special Deals!

10% off modern Kits

Special Operations are the proverbial tip of the spear in the war against the bad guys. To help win the fight, we are offering 10% off Modern-themed custom building kits and minifigures for the month of September. This offer will also be extended to new Modern-themed kits and figures that will be released throughout the month. Click HERE to see the current selection. Check back each week for new releases and restocks!

2016 Spec Ops 10% Off -- BrickArms 560

We’re further taking the battle to the enemy with 10%  Spec Ops weapons from BrickArms. BrickArms is the top name in custom weaponry for the LEGO minifigure and we are proud to be one of the leading resellers. Click the image above or this link HERE to see the election on sale this month. Look for additional exclusive BA packs to be released this month!

Decal Specials

And finally we have a Buy On Get One free deal on all modern decal sets from Roaglaan’s Customs. Click HERE to see all of the BOGO decal specials this month (a second free set of decals will automatically be added to your shopping cart for everyone set purchased at full price).

Adding decals to your own figures is the most inexpensive way to build up your armies and it’s not very difficult to learn how they work. Lando has created a few videos on decal application to help you get started:

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