New Release: B-24 Liberator Micro-Plane


This kit is a brand new addition to our Micro Brick Battle tabletop game! In addition to getting the B-24 Liberator micro-plane, you also receive an exclusive card to be used for our upcoming Bricks of War card game!

About the B-24 Liberator Micro-plane:

The B-24 Liberator is an American heavy bomber designed by Consolidated Aircraft of San Diego, California. It was known within the company as the Model 32. At its inception, the B-24 was a modern design featuring a highly efficient shoulder-mounted, high aspect ratio Davis wing. The wing gave the Liberator a high cruise speed, long range and the ability to carry a heavy bomb load. It was used extensively in WWII, and served in every branch of the American armed forces, as well as several Allied air forces and navies, and saw use in every theater of operation.

Production was in very high numbers, at nearly 19,000 units, with over 8,000 manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It holds the distinction of being the most produced heavy bomber in history, the most produced multi-engine aircraft in history and the most produced American military aircraft. At the end of WWII, the Liberator had been surpassed by more modern types such as the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Two B-24s are airworthy as of 2016.


  • Crew: 11
  • Number produced: 19,256
  • Length: 67 ft 8 in
  • Loaded weight: 55,000 lb
  • Powerplant: 4 x Pratt & Whitney R-1830-35 or -41 turbosupercharged radial engines, 1,200 hp each
  • Maximum speed: 290 mph
  • Range: 2,100 mi
  • Armament:
  • Guns: 10 x .50 caliber M2 Browning machine guns in 4 turrets and two waist positions
  • Bombs: 8,000 lb short range (400 mi), 5,000 lb long range (800 mi), 2,700 lb very long range (1,200 mi)

Additional information about this Brickmania custom building kit:

The B-24 Liberator Micro-plane comes with the following features:

  • Includes custom printed USAAF insignia and “Minnesota Mauler” nose art
  • Designed by Brick Journal editor Joe Meno
  • 1/120 scale to match our Micro Brick Battle scale models
  • Includes 147 genuine new-condition LEGO® bricks and BrickArms® elements
  • Sophomore Skill Level (2-4 years of experience with LEGO is recommended)

All Brickmania model kits are made of new-condition LEGO bricks. This model comes disassembled and includes complete printed building instructions and comes packaged in a sealed box. This is a limited edition kit and production may be discontinued at any time.


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