Brickmania Restocks & Announcements 11/18/19

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BRICKMANIACS! As the holidays draw nearer Brickmania is getting into the holiday spirit! This year we will be featuring 12 holiday deals under $50, with one new deal releasing each Monday and Thursday from now until December 26th.

The first of Brickmania’s 12 holiday deals is half-price magazines! Available now until Thursday 11/21 when we’ll announce the next awesome holiday offer.

Also! The Brickmania Blitz Box Battle Pack 2020 is now available for preorder! It’s our most exclusive release of the holiday season. This is a one-time only release and will never be restocked. This is your chance to own a piece of Brickmania history!

Loaded with six custom creations and designed collectively by some of the best military LEGO® creators in the world, the Blitz Box includes each of the following…

  • British Vickers Light Tank Mk VIC
  • German Panzer II Ausf. C Light Tank
  • French Hotchkiss H35 Mod 40 Light Infantry Tank
  • French 75mm Mle 97/38
  • German 3.7cm Pak 36
  • British Ordnance QF 2-pounder

Also featured are six custom minifigures, including 3 brand-new German, French, and British officers. The French Officer even includes a custom Kepis, designed and 3D printed right here at the Brickmania HQ.

Additionally, the Blitz Box features three custom sticker packs; WWII German Infantry, WWII British Infantry, and WWII French Infantry – each with loadouts for nine minifigures for a total of 27 soldiers.

2270 Group Product Shot

Of course, we also have our weekly restocks available in our retail locations and on while supplies last!

Restocks 11-18-19

This week’s restocks are…

M1A2 Abrams – Main Battle Tank

Easy Eight – M4A3E8 Sherman Tank

M4A3E8 Hollywood Add-On Pack – For Easy Eight

2cm Flakvierling 38 – Anti-Aircraft Cannon

PaK 43 – 8.8cm Anti-Tank Gun

Messerschmitt Bf 109 – WWII Fighter Aircraft

Battle of Mogadishu US Army Ranger

World War II US Navy Dress Whites Sailor

World War II US Navy Sailor Dungarees

Modern US Tanker

Remember to join us 11/29 – 12/1 for “Blackbird® Friday” weekend at all of our Brickmania retail locations! Happy building!

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