Early Weekly Restocks from Brickmania

BRICKMANIACS! As usual our awesome production department is crushing their deadlines, so we figured why wait? Next week’s restocks are available NOW!

This upcoming week’s new release is the Jagdtiger. There will NOT be a restock for this kit so be sure to scoop yours up ASAP on Thursday 1/16/2020!

Remember, World War Brick 2020 weekend passes are available for $75 for A LMITED TIME. As space fills up the price of the exclusive passes will increase so don’t wait to claim yours! Also, all of our retail locations are now set to provide you with FIVE monthly events for you to enjoy – new to the scene is Tabletop Tuesday, Rolling Wednesday, and the Brickmaniac’s Club. Be sure to check them out!

Alright, here’s what’s available right now…

Happy Building!

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