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This is the beginning of a new series of blog posts to share how Brickmania is dealing with COVID-19 and how we continue to serve our fans during this shutdown. We have already taken steps to protect our team, our customers and our community, but your support during this difficult time is indispensable and appreciated. During the mandated shutdown of our main warehouse and production facility, we want to show you some of the gears under the armor. 

Brickmania employs some of the best brick counters and art creators in the world. These amazing Brickmaniacs sit at many different desks and have many different tasks to their name, but each and every one is a necessary part of what we do. From the designer’s desk to our number one fan’s shelf, a Brickmania kit passes through many departments, and every numbered set in a batch has the opportunity to be built by a fan anywhere on Earth.

Here is an example of one way that Brickmania is working during our shutdown: this is our Chief of Production’s home office, complete with sorting cups and parts lists for an upcoming release. Also shown is his own brick sorter that he developed when he was a line brick sorter. This helps him count easier and cleaner, to get this batch of kits out that much faster. Even as we stay at home, our team continues to work to get bricks and kits into the hands of fans like you! 

Everything we do from design to packaging is for our fans, and the reason we get to come in to work in this wonderful environment is because of our patrons. Even though most of us cannot come to work, Dan and the trusty (and ever hungry) office-cat Holly are still shipping out orders of those kits already in stock. This production floor is silent now, and the desks are empty to protect our community from the COVID-19 pandemic, but with your help we shall return and we shall endure.

Thank you for your support,


Commander-in-Chief, Brickmania

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