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We are excited to announce that we are putting up a batch of display models for auction. These one-of-a-kind kits were displayed in protected glass cases in our brick and mortar retail stores. They have been loved and appreciated by many, and now you have a chance to get your hands on extremely rare kits that have since been retired and only exist in private collections! Because many of our display models are built before the kit is released to the public, they are generally the very kit used in the SitReps and Designer Desk videos!

Every kit that we make goes through a rigorous QC and test process. We will be peeling back that part of our production life cycle later, but one important step is sending each of our brick and mortar retail locations a copy of every kit for display in the store. These display copies are sent back to HQ only after the kit is no longer eligible for restock and the final kit has been sold from the store. This means that some of these auction items are extremely sought after. 

Brickmania takes pride in creating usable and playable toys which can be rolled, turned and posed for maximum enjoyment. That’s why it is so important for fans to be able to see the built kit and to observe it in action. These kits are carefully bagged and shipped back to HQ, where a team reassembles them. By the time these display models reach your doorstep they have been a part of the entire Brickmania production process since the very beginning, and have seen the end of the life cycle for their limited release. 

Some kits, such as the Jumbo Sherman and the Tiger II “Königstiger”, were produced in an extremely limited quantity, and are even more rare than some of our other releases. Others, such as the OV-10G+ Bronco and the MQ-9 Reaper have been out of stock and retired for years, with many fans searching high and low for the last kits in the world. Still others are like the iconic Cold War era F-4C Phantom II, which is intensely popular with fans asking for a restock regularly. Between tight production cycles and the difficulty of finding specialty parts, some of these kits will never return and some will not return in the same coloration or specific design. Built with hand counted pieces, these models reflect a long tradition of historically accurate designs that are as fun to play with as they are to showcase on your shelf.

Our display model auctions are just one way that you can hold a piece of Brickmania history. These models make a fantastic addition to your collection and each has a story to tell. Once it has landed in the hands of a fan, the display model begins a second life, admired and played with for years to come, and that is one of the things that makes what we do so rewarding for us. We would love to hear from our fans who either bought one of these items at release, or have since made a bid on one of those currently on auction. Why is it the must-have kit for your collection? Have you ever bought an auction display model? Feel free to share with us with the hashtag #MyBrickmania! We love to see our fan’s collections!

To get in on this auction click here.

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