Brickmania Quarantine Chronicles – 4.1.2020 Update

BRICKMANIACS! It’s time for another edition of the Brickmania Quarantine Chronicles! For this midweek update we have a few cool things to discuss…

First of all, it’s buy three get one FREE on all things Micro Brick Battle – must have all four items in the cart. Including some exclusive NEW inventory originally set aside for a future MBB event! Such as, Khalkhin Gol Battle Packs and M7 Priest kits marked down 30% from MSRP! Time to stay in and PLAY!

Additionally, our most recent Display Model Auction is now LIVE on our eBay seller page. While this auction includes a variety of awesome display models like pervious auctions, it also included some mint-condition sealed white box kist from 2017! Including the MQ-9 Reaper, Harrier AV-8B, and OV-10G+ Bronco to name a few!

Finally, all oddly colored track links (red, gold, pink) are now 20% OFF! Bring a unique color scheme to your build with these awesome track links!

Remember, you can sty up to date on all things Brickmania on YouTube via the Brickmania Quarantine Chronicles! Check out Volume 2!

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy building!

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