Pull and Ordering Brick


Everyone here at Brickmania, just like each of you, is learning how to navigate the new normal. As you have already seen in this series of blog posts, we have a quiet production floor, we have donated to a volunteer making face masks, we launched our Coloring Book to help fight against COVID-19 and showed you the now empty designer’s row as we all stay home to fight the curve.

The image above shows the majesty that is the part wall in our production warehouse. Here you will find everything you’d need to produce the world’s greatest historical building kits. Our amazing production staff is given the parts list from the designers and will assemble enough parts to make a batch of kits for sale. Each brick is hand counted and bagged for kitting. 

Above is the rack in the production floor where the bagged bricks are assembled for the at-home kitting. When you open up your brand new Brickmania kit you know that each bag inside was hand counted and organized to make the process of your build perfect. Building our kits is a journey from bricks to model, but before it ever gets into your hands it starts in a little production facility in Minneapolis with some of the best brick-lovers in the world.

As we all begin to settle into the new normal, we are all finding our own ways to work toward a better tomorrow. Each of us Brickmaniacs know that the best things in life are built one brick at a time. So please stay home, build a kit with us and stay healthy. Remember that even in trying times, winners aren’t born, they’re built!

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