Social Distancing At Work


As we continue to the fight against COVID-19, we here at Brickmania are committed to adjusting to the new normal and working on producing the best historical building kits so that each and everyone of you has a new build to look forward to. We have changed a lot about how we operate in order to ensure the safety of our team members and community, and we are able to continue our fight because of the support of fans like you.

Here you see the drop off point in our main warehouse where team members pick up and drop off their kits for sorting and bagging. We have instituted a policy where we strictly limit the drop offs to ensure that we don’t have any overlap. You can see here that three kits are ready for the next step in the process, and the bricks here will be built and on display all over the world.

Below is the liquid gold during the quarantine, and it is present for everyone at every door to the warehouse. As we all continue to find ways to do what we can to help flatten the curve, we each have a duty to protect ourselves and our peers in every way we can. Until such time as the facility can come back into full operation, the kits that you can’t wait for and the builds you love most will be processed in this way.

We thank you for your support and patronage, we are only able to continue with your help! If you haven’t already, share your builds with #StayHomeWithBrickmania and pickup a copy of The Coloring Book and show us your colors with #BrickmaniaColoringBook! Until next time, stay safe and healthy, winners!

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