UV Shop At A Distance


As we all continue to adapt our lifestyles and work places for the health and safety of our community, we here at Brickmania wanted to show you another area where we have had to make changes to our workflow and our personnel since the outbreak. Below you see a lone UV printer in the shop, social distanced but still helping produce the kits and minifigs you love!

Next is a workstation that is normally running with the others, but now sits silent and empty. We constantly get requests for new minifigures, which we have in normal times produced at the fastest speed known to man, but still couldn’t keep up with demand. New batches may see minor delays due to the ongoing situation, but we can all rest assured that those that get produced will be as amazing as any other, and even more hotly in demand!

Below is another machine that is not making it’s classic *zzzhhhhwww* *zzzhhhhwww**zzzhhhhwww* sounds as it prints the best minifigures in the world (you can hear them in the background in many of the Designer’s Desk videos). This machine is also missing it’s operator, just like all of us who miss our coworkers and office kittens. We look forward to the day when all of these printers are working simultaneously again, whirring away printing the tiles and minifigures that you all know and love.

We are all anxiously waiting for the next minifig off of these printers, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we do what is best for our community and our team. Thank you for your support and we hope that you stay healthy and safe! Share your builds with us using the hashtag #StayHomeWithBrickmania! If you haven’t already, get The Coloring Book and help support the fight against COVID-19! Show your colors by using the hashtag #BrickmaniaColoringBook!

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