One Brick At A Time


We hope that you are well and that your family is safe. We continue to work from home everyday to bring you the building kits you love most. This week we’ve shown you how our UV print team is now a print person, how we have altered the USS Makin Island drydock/warehouse to accommodate social distancing and how the supply chain has affected our process too.

Through it all we have had you to thank, the fans who have kept us going and who continue to make Brickmania possible. Whether it’s getting your help on an epic build like the USS Makin Island or its supporting us on social media and with your orders, we know that we have the best fans in the world. We hope that our kits continue to help you and your families deal with staying at home and protecting your communities.

As you might have seen on Dan’s social media feeds, Holly the office kitty is not pleased with social distancing, but she is learning to deal with the new normal just like all of us. Dan says she won’t stop laying on his keyboard and placing herself directly between him and brick, but to be fair, she would have been able to spread out that sort of behavior to the rest of the office before. Holly sits here on the chairs down the hall from Dan’s office, probably waiting for him to walk by the kitchen and pester him for food.

Here is one of the projects that Holly undeniably got between, an updated P-38 Lightning for Micro Brick Battle! One of the things we miss most about being in the warehouse is seeing the new designs and new iterations coming out of Designer’s Row. We all get excited to see the new models, and I look forward to a future where we can be close to the process again. Until that time, we all will continue to do our best from home, supporting your passion just as you support ours. Thanks again to all the Brickmaniacs of the world.

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