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As our warehouse and production team have slowly begun to filter back in, and be trained in the new procedures of a post-COVID-19 world, there is still much to do in order to bring you the kits you love most. Here is Holly and Dan in the Brickmania Library to remind people that the USS Johnston will be our giveaway for reaching our YouTube subscriber goal (don’t miss out on the chance! The Johnston is an epic build!).

As you have undoubtedly already seen in Dan’s social media feed, we are also preparing our very first Brickmania Vault Day, where some of the rarest and most exclusive sets are going to be available, in many cases for the last time ever. Below is assembled some of the most sought after builds in the world, and when the Vault opens everyone will want what’s inside!

But that isn’t all that Dan (and Holly, helpfully getting in the way at every turn) is up to back at HQ. Here is a sneak peak from Cody’s desk of the upcoming M40 Gun Motor Carriage – Self Propelled Artillery. As you can see, the quality of our designs and the passion of our team has not ebbed at all.

Once again we send you and your family all of our best wishes. We hope that you are all safe and healthy. Your support has been and will continue to be the bedrock upon which we stand, and gives us the inspiration to pour ourselves into every design, count every brick, and work hard everyday. Thank you all.

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